Landmark Academy

Core Values

We believe in developing our pupils with different kinds of programs, mainly to support their learning so they can reach their highest ability and performance.
To produce resilient, lifelong learners who can take their place in the world with confidence and dignity.
To help pupils identify difficult learning areas and bridge the gaps in their learning progress by providing supplementary information throughout the course of study and learning.

Operating Hours

Mon - Thu

07:00 - 15:00


07:00 - 14:00

Sat & Sun



Landmark Academy is a Non Profit Company (NPC), was initially formed as a mainstream independent school that would basically provide its focus on learners that are able to perform their academics without any distractions and struggle. The school advances its objective to include the remedial programs due to the high need for learners falling behind in the classroom and struggling academically that creates a high rate of poor performance that may result in repetition of grades.  


Landmark Academy focuses on providing quality education to out learners by ensuring excellency to our advanced learner and scaffold instruction to enable less advanced leaners to access those rich learning experiences. Our remedial classes enables the children to gain positive impact by filling their cognitive gaps. Combined with our professionals and interventions we are capable of creating an academic balance in learning

Mission Statement

To produce and develop leader who are:

Academically balanced in all areas.

Stable emotionally, mentally and display optimum growth and progress on an intellectual level.

To prove and promote the healthy academic improvement of the leaners to be channeled back to mainstream education.

To ensure that learners gain the ability to deal positively and effectively with their academic and non-academic activities.

To enhance and promote a balanced academic world to all learners.

To uplift those struggling academically to reach a balanced and advanced level.

To provide an excellent and affordable education.

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