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Our Strategy


To implement the Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Geared to the learning needs of individual pupils, the IEP aims to reinforce the foundation of learning, help pupils overcome their learning difficulties and develop their potentials. Those in a remedial program have a good potential to learn and may ultimately return to a mainstream class.

Scope of Work

Landmark Academy is a mainstream independent school that has remedial programs formulated for those who require more help than their counterparts in school performance. The teaching is conducted using CAPS  Curriculum in combination with some therapeutic practices for wholesome growth. We focus on meeting the leaners’ educational, social and emotional need through the support of Qualified Teachers, Educational Phycologists, Psychological Counsellors and Social Work Services.  

Company Overview

Landmark Academy is a mainstream school with remedial programs. Its main concept is to provide much needed therapeutic remedial education to children struggling to learn, poor concentration and function in large school setup i.e. ADHD, ODD, and ADD etc. The school caters for both advanced and less advanced learners.

We aim to collaborating team-work between, not only leaners but parents, teachers and other specialized professionals – such as Psychologists and Social Workers. The involvement of all concerned with learners, allows for an understanding  in order to shape a space in which the learner is given the unspoken freedom to flourish and the opportunity to excel in all aspects of growth and development. The skills that are taught in various therapies are reinforced in the classroom – which allows all learners to apply these skills practically. 

Financial Consideration

Landmark Academy is a non-profit company aimed at admitting and catering for learners coming from middle to lower class.

Its objective is to provide quality education to all and improve the less advanced pupils to reach the advanced level, mainly to bridge the gaps that are the leading causes of people leaving school and abusing substances. Through sponsorships and funding – it allows us to aid parents with financial difficulties, or those that were retrenched. 

Company information:


Founder director: Matilda Aphane

director: Alfred mahlangu