Landmark Academy

Interventions Services

Promoting one on one learning sessions with the pupils.

Homework, extra studying and reading.

The program is designed for our in-house learner and external learners from the surrounding schools. The program provides the individualized educational program and more emphasis on curriculum to promote higher grades achievement.

Testing to be conducted to assess the ability of a learner.

Our social worker and psychological counsellor conduct counselling/therapy to pupils facing learning challenges due to personal and family related struggles such as abuse in general, poverty and behavior challenges. 

In-house social worker conducts home visits to support families facing challenges in many areas, especially when issues affects the learners’ academic performance.  

Sessions to be provided to parents struggling with their parental styles. Coaching and counselling to be conducted. 


Enhance learning interest & motivation

 Suffering from frequent frustration in their work, pupils with learning difficulties may gradually lose their interest in learning.

Devise various learning activities

Since pupils have different characteristics in learning, teachers must devise different learning activities with the same teaching objectives to develop pupils varied abilities and skills in problem solving. It is important for teachers to adopt series of relevant and simple teaching activities than assigning one long teaching activity since pupils may inquire the required knowledge and skills through diversified activities. 

To provide curriculum delivery and to provide access to quality education.

Show concern for the performance of individual pupils

Pupils may encounter different problems in their studies, therefore teachers carefully observe the learning processes of individual pupils in class.

Design meaningful learning situations

Teachers should specially design meaningful learning situations, language environment, games or activities so as to provide personal learning experiences for pupils and stimulate their interest and initiative in learning. 

To provide and support emotional, psychological and family interventions through therapy, home visits, counselling, psychological testing and play therapy. 

To Learn, Grow, Succeed.